Soundwalks in Lviv

While I was in Lviv, I made a few field recordings. I used the Zoom H5N recorder with default settings.

Walk to Lichakiv Cemetery.
This is a soundwalk I did in Lviv on Saturday 10 June in the morning. I walked from my hotel in the city centre towards the Lychakiv Cemetery but did not take the right turn and ended up at the backside of the cemetery where I stopped recording.
Being a Saturday morning around 8 am, it was quiet but as I made my way to the cemetery, the car noises gradually disappeared in favour of bird sounds. There are a few people I passed so you will hear some voices, also the tram passes a few times.
The only thing I am not so happy with is that you can hear my footsteps a lot. In future walks, I'll try to minimise that noise. The recording I share here is without edits except for a fade-in and fade-out at the beginning and end.
The picture is from inside the cemetery looking over the tram terminus at the backside of the cemetery.

Inside Lichakiv Cemetery
This is a short recording from inside the Lichakiv cemetery in Lviv, made on 10 June 2023. It was early in the morning (9 am approximately) and few people were visiting. The cemetery is by design a quiet place but it's also a park where birds easily go. So you hear lots of birds. Unfortunately I have some handling noise from holding the recorder.
Lviv City Centre
This is a soundwalk I did in the city centre of Lviv on 3 June 2023 around 6 pm. The city was busy and as it was a sunny day, many people were out and about. I had no real plan, I just walked around the centre. I started at the main square in front of the city hall and ended at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (Snizhna St, 2, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, 79000). I stopped there because the church service was happening and they relayed the service over a speaker so people outside could hear it. You can hear part of that starting around minute 12. Other peculiar sounds are the tram.