Sonic Farms: First visit

Last week, I traveled to Famalicão in Portugal to do my first in-person visit for my STARTS in the Cities FarmSonics: Harvesting Insights through Real-Time Data-Driven Music: This is challenge #8 from the Starts in the Cities programme: Driving Agricultural Sustainability: Empowering Smallholder Farmers with Digital Transformation. I met with the host INOVA+ and professor Pedro Reis from University Lusiada. Prof. Pedro first showed us around the University and told us of the many exciting projects they do. Some of the highlights were a remote-controlled Fussball table for people with mental-motoric disabilities, another one was a remote-controlled car to train people in wheelchairs how to operate an electric wheelchair. In the realm of sustainability, they are developing small windmills for places that need little power, and of course, he showed us the sensor system that is being used to collect data on farms. These are the data that I will use to create music and generate insights for farmers.

On the second day, we went around the city to take a look at the different sites and I took the opportunity to make a few short field-recordings, which I will upload to SoundCloud. I also spoke to the IT department to discuss how to access the data remotely.

Overall, this was a fruitful visit and I look forward to the next one, where we will do workshops with the farms and give a presentation to the University students 
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