I have worked with several visual artists to create soundtracks for their video or vice-versa, they making a video for my music.
Um só
Um só was initially an electronic composition for the course of electronic music at ESMAE, Porto, Portugal. When I met Camille Entratice, a French-Brazilian artist, who was doing her Erasmus in Porto, I asked her to collaborate with me to make a videoclip for my music. Camille took a dance clip of youtube and put some heavy editing on it, changing the succession of the movements in the original video and adding various light effects on it. The result is an atmospheric video that completes the music very good. A friend described the music as "music of encounters", where something happens and quickly disappears. The video tries to picture this, showing one dancer, then two dancers but always getting away from eachother as if it were a short encounter. The name in Portuguese "Um só" means "One alone" and that is what the music and the video are about; Somebody who wanders around and encounters many things, but in the end, stays alone.
Together with Piotr Nowak, the sculptor, a video was made based on the poems of the Portugese poet Mário de Sá-Carneiro. These poems are mainly about loneliness and how he deals with it. The video showed images of the sculptor, walking and standing still, being isolated from the surrounding society. The video uses also a minimalistic movement of the hands against a wall, visualizing the journey without a goal, the wandering around, the

Camera work was done by Polish artist Karolina Kornek and French-Brazilian artist Camille Entratice.
E agora?
E agora? is an electro-acoustic composition from 2009. The video is made in an abandoned factory in Porto, Portugal. Video by Hugo Peixoto.
Video by Hugo Peixoto
O Menino das Maos de Bambu | The Boy with Bamboo Hands
This is a short animation film by Baal Quinhones and Vanda Coelho for which I made the soundtrack. Recorder by Cecilia Peçanha